With a passion to help other special needs families in Ontario

The creators of the roadmap for the Ontario Special Needs Roadmap for school are two special needs parents from Ottawa with young children attending local elementary schools. Our children both have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We have been work colleagues for 12 years and this relationship has developed into working together to help empower other special needs parents through knowledge.

The inspiration to create the school roadmap came from our own children and from talking to hundreds of parents in our community, online and at support groups. We discovered that parents were not always aware of their child’s rights as well as all the services available to them and how to go about getting them. Children with special needs deserve to have the same education as all children. We hope to empower parents with knowledge so they can better manage their child’s life and school experience.


Our first Roadmap was the “Ottawa Autism Roadmap” for families of preschool & school aged children to guide them through the pre and post diagnosis in Ottawa.

Education Law, policies and regulations are overwhelming. There is simply too much to know and parents (especially parents of children with special needs) do not always have the time to devote to understanding and researching.  We have taken the time to research and pick out the most important things parents need to know to navigate the educational system in Ontario.

Inclusion does not mean sameness.
— Special Needs Roadmaps