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Ontario Special Needs Roadmap for School 


It’s a new language and it’s confusing.  Parents want to know:  What are our child’s rights? How do I deal with the school?  How do we get services?

We are two Moms with special needs children who wanted to share with parents what we’ve learned.

With over a year and a half of research we have put together this new interactive school roadmap to help parents navigate the system, explaining what the different processes mean and what they mean for your child. 

Our roadmap is your GPS to navigate the education system in Ontario for all special needs children.

Ontario Special Needs Roadmap for School.

In 2012 we launched our “Ottawa Autism Roadmap” for families of preschool aged children to guide them through pre and post diagnosis. At that time we promised a similar school roadmap. Today, after about 18 months of research, we are pleased to announce its long awaited release. The inspiration to create the school roadmap came from our own children and from talking to hundreds of parents in our community, online and at support groups.

The same themes kept cropping up:

  • What is an IPRC? PPM140? SERT? SEAC?
  • When do we get our IEP?
  • What are our rights?
  • How do I deal with the school?
  • How do we get services?

We started researching and attending seminars to educate ourselves and we quickly understood why there were so many questions. There is simply too much to know!   You could be reading for years just to understand how educational law works in Ontario. Parents of children with special needs just do not have the time to find, analyze and understand what it all means! Well parents, we did the reading for you and condensed everything down into an easy to read four page roadmap with clickable links.

We hope you will find it useful! Keep it on your laptop or tablet, or print it out and bring it to meetings with you. Use it for planning!

Happy Advocating! We’re right there with you!
The Moms at Special Needs Roadmaps


The Roadmap will be updated quarterly.  Please provide us with your suggestions/comments/questions.